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MAICRO Dec 7 '17


If you only send promotional (AKA sales) emails, people are going to lose interest quickly. Partner with the email service trusted by developers and marketers for time-savings, scalability, and delivery expertise. The ability to create clean, professional emails that look great - especially on mobile devices. A dedicated IP allows you to digitally sign your emails and take full control of your sending reputation. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.>>


In a study on their email list of 6,300 subscribers, Bluewire Media tested various types of content to see what led to the highest rates for opens and clicks The winner was templates and tools, just the kind of freebies that email readers want. Luckily we've put together this comparison of 5 best email marketing services for small businesses. (The study) also found that product personalization, in which customers are directed to products that their past purchasing patterns suggest they will like, triggered positive responses in 98 percent of customers.>>


The target is usually a new potential or current customer; with advertising, business request, or selling as it content. Interestingly, the email space itself has evolved from a time where you needed a developer to build an email, to today where tools like Campaign Monitor empower the modern marketer to create and send beautiful branded emails. Adding social media "Like" or "Share" buttons to your marketing emails gives an additional way for customers to connect with your brand Snippets of positive reviews from social media fans can be included in emails, and conversely social media postings can be used to encourage fans to subscribe to your email newsletters.>>http://www.reviewengin.com/inbox-blueprint-review/





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