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10 Basic Steps to Become a Programmer

The technology is something which is very relevant part of any stream such as art, commerce, banking, tech, AI ,ML anything you say you technology to help yourself and work faster then before. It doesn’t matter whatever you do, your profession do have a great influence due to technology. So, here we are going to discuss 10 Basic steps to become a programmer.Before we jump to this section , first thing first is , Who is the programmer

Who is the programmer?

10 basic steps to become a programmer

To know, 10 Basic Steps to Become a Programmer, One should have a understanding about who is a Programmer ?Programmer is the person , who understand the language which can interact with the machines. And he would be able to find a solution fast and in dynamic way, which will help human to save their time. second thing is , Does become a programmer is a good idea. anyone from any field be able to become one.

Does become a programmer is a good idea?

10 basic steps to become a programmer

It is not hard to believe , Becoming a programmer is a very good idea. Because , you will be able to solve your problems ASAP using your skills to save your time and would be able to add some value in others life too. It is really become hard to see ourselves without internet, we are so used to it. It is look like now we need Bread, Cloth, Home and internet.

here we are now going to discuss , 10 basis steps to become a programmer.

  1. Find your passion ( Gaming, web Development, Market, Buying Selling anything)
  2. Find which programming front you want to work with
  3. It’s a journey not destination
  4. Learn basic skills
  5. Practice the same
  6. Capture your Jounery and track it
  7. Become an expert in your niche
  8. More practice using Project
  9. Use GitHub to store project
  10. Use technology to make your Resume.

1. Find Your passion

Nothing in this world can attract you more or in long term until you are not passionate about it. And understanding first thing from 10 Basic Steps to Become a Programmer , what makes you passionate about becoming programmer ? Sometimes, it doesn’t makes senses like some sort game or ticktock videos. Jokes apart , You can become a programmer if you are passionate about solving problems using technology or you want to take advantage of what you do in normal routine to get the foster and more accurate results using internet and technology. So, before jumping into this, you should be very clear about whether you are passionate about to become a programmer or not. Don’t worry, we have many more opportunities.

2. Find Your Niche

Second thing in 10 Basic Steps to Become a Programmer , Find your niche there are so many technical fronts or say opportunities. Some sort of research is very important which will incorporate with things you are passionate about. Here, We will let you introduce some of those technical work which are done by a programmer.

This is a person, who work to create , design , code a part of website which directly interact with the user. Person is responsible for looks website. So, if you thinks you are artistic and create something very interactive and attractive as well by the use of code, you should thing about it.

The Basic skill you should be very handy with these languages such as CSS,JAVA,HTML, Angular , JAVA Script. and also you should know these software to be more creative and imaginative with client’s approach Such as Photoshop, pics art, and Canva . Starting Salary of front end developer will 20k -30k per month in India ,and then sky is the limit. you can also freelance this skill so you can make more money through this skill.

Back end developer are those people who work behind the screen. Basically, you can better understand with the example of a house like to make a store house you need to make sure you have better quality inputs such as cement, iron, bricks etc. in same way , when you are working as back end developer you are working on base Program or website or software. if your base is excellent your house can for longer time. So, these are jobs are higher paying jobs as well more technical too. To get this skillset, you should be very handy with these languages such as JAVA, Python,C++, C#,PHP, SQL,Mysql.

Starting Salary of back end developer will 25k -30k per month in India ,and then sky is the limit. you can also freelance this skill so you can make more money through this skill.

This is very interesting skillset, if you are a person who is interested in both skills mention above. The person is also a complete package person who work from concept to end result of project. The full stack developer should have many responsibilities such as development of front end website architecture, user interactions on webpages ,Developing back end website applications, to Create servers and databases functionality, etc.

The basic skillset are HTML, JAVA, C++, SQL, MYSQL, Python, Ruby. So, it would be no wrong , if we say , you need a good project based experiences in these languages.

Starting Salary Full stack developer will 60k -80k per month in India ,and then sky is the limit. you can also freelance this skill so you can make more money through this skill.

A MEAN stack developer is person who has immense knowledge in some particular areas. MEAN stack development are someone who develop a process that covers within these skill-set of technologies MEAN M for MongoDB,E for ExpressJS, A for AngularJs and N for NodeJS ,. In other words, we can say a MEAN stack developers are JS-based application developers who have immense knowledge Java Script only.

Starting Salary of MEAN stack developer will 65k -90k per month in India ,and then sky is the limit. you can also freelance this skill so you can make more money through this skill.

Data Scientist is now futuristic work profile, Since we entered in era of Digitalisation decode ago. Now, each and every company have lots and lots of data. and Data will be Garbage if you don’t have any clue how to use it. So, If you thing you are that person who can find gold from the garbage, it will the job suited you the best.

You are required to good hand in these languages to become data scientist are Python, R, cloud computing and basic skill-set for becoming a data scientist are probability, statistics, mathematics, data wrangling, data visualisation etc. In simple words, A data scientist is a person who be able to find out relevant information from a raw data also able to present the same data to Leyman.

Starting Salary of Data Scientist will 50k -60k per month in India ,and then sky is the limit. you can also freelance this skill so you can make more money through this skill.

Data analyst is also a promising job or skill-set for self growth as well as organisation growth. Using Data, and finding effective information out of it after analysing the data. You should know how to present the information and use visualisation tools and language to get effective results out raw data.

Starting Salary of data analyst will 45k -60k per month in India ,and then sky is the limit. you can also freelance this skill so you can make more money through this skill.

Software developer are application based in developer ,These are generally two types one is Mobile application and other one is Web application. these are experts , they have immense knowledge of specific technical skills for software development.

Top skills required to to become a software engineer is JAVA, SQL, JS,Python, C#, Linux, Git, DevOps.

Starting salary of a software developer will be 55k – 65k per month .

The required skills for test engineers are SQL, MySQL, Selenium,Manual tesing, Java

It is skills set which help a organization to detect, address and prevent itself form a cyber frauds. A dedicated team is very required if any organisation wants to grow fast and around the globe. So, this is also brings lots of opportunities along with it.

Starting salary of a software developer will be 50k – 65k per month .

3. It’s A Journey, Not Destination

Becoming a programmer is a journey , and you will enjoy it, if you like to do it. otherwise you are at wrong path. It is not a day job to become a programmer. So, enjoy your journey of immense learning and add value in this dynamic profile.

4. Learn Basic Skills

Basic skills to become a programmer is something like you can be able to speak and understand with the computer. And see and understand what computer says to you, you know how to communicate with the computer. and we all know to speak and understand someone or something. you need a medium i.e a language to interact with the same.

So, learn languages to interact with computer which is best suited to your passion or end results. and I want to add one more thing, don’t forget to GOOGLE . To become a programmer, you must be a google too.

5. Practice the same

Learning a human language or a computer language , both has similar journey . One should need to practice as much as they can. So, make sure you are not go bookish while learning new computer or any new language. Use it in your routine , make some small daily projects. if you get any trouble in beginning and find error while writing a code don’t forget to use STACKOVERFLOW. To become a good programmer, you also know what’s the hack if you stuck somewhere.

6. Capture Your Journey and Track it

Make audio, video, or notes to capture your growth. and track it . This is best way to engage yourself in go and get mode. If you are pretty involved yourself and track yourself, it will help you to minimise you to waste . and let you more focussed.

7.Become An Expert in Your Niche

Do not spread yourself in everything, find your niche and become a pro in it. Language is the best career launcher. the more you learn, interact with it. you will become pro in it. Find your company as per your passion . Don’t mess with yourself take your time to figure out your niche. And work on same .

8.More Practice Using Project

To become a programmer, practice makes you a perfect programmer. Add Value to your skills to using project based learning . Kaggel is the best open source where you can participate and learn high level projects with big brainers. So, don’t hesitate to use this step after completing above steps.

9.Use GitHub to store project

Now, if you are a programmer or wanted to be one. and have no clue what is Github ? then you are missing out something . Github is the best place to track your progress and a repository to save your projects in it. It best open source for platform for programmer.

10.Use technology to make your Resume.

Don’t use just a paper to create your resume. Use every online social platform where you active and able to present as per the use of platform. Use Youtube to show up how you working on it, Linkedin to show up yourself task or project and skill you have work with. Facebook to tell your friends whats new you have done. and Insta to take a picture of it.

Reference to Learn python from base project <<Click here>>

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