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it is really true? we can break a habit. Then I would definitely says , A “BIG FAT YES TO IT”. Now, you will see the confidence of breaking a habit you have. It doesn’t matter whether the habit is good or bad. Matter of fact is , Is it breakable.

Here, is the 21 days challenge for you to break habit. It is just take your 21 days to break a habit.

We all are surrounded by many unnecessary habits, from which we are definitely wanted to protect our selves. So, how do we get this break in our habit.

It is not a rock science to do this , we all need to give us some sort of guidance and title twist in daily routine, to see the other stuff of our lives or those things where we wanted to focus upon.

21 days to break a habit is quite .sufficient if you follow the rules

  • Rule 1 :- Don’t be rude to yourself,
Rule 1# Don’t be Rude to yourself

This means, even if you do or you wanted to stop doing it. You should be soft towards yourself. Sometimes, Treat yourself as your mother help you a lot. Just trying to change your words into this. What if I wait and do it later after 5 minutes or may just small time you can start holding yourself back.

Rule 2:- Be Honest With yourself

Rule 2# Be honest with yourself

Rule 3:- Detachment is very Empowering

Rule 3# Detachment is empowering

This means, You must know, what exactly you wanted. Making a good habit is as tough as breaking a bad habit. Try to spend sometimes alone without any phone or something that can disturb you to stay with you.

This means , you should have been aware of power detachment. You have to put your excuses when you really wanted them to be aligned. And one thing, once you started giving your excuses to a habit . You will get a chance to break it.

Rule 4 :- Find a Replacement

Rule 4# Find a Replacement

This very crucial rule .Because once you wanted to break a habit, your brain is definitely wanted something to replace it. Unless , you don’t have the replacement your steps to break a habit is worthless. So, figure it out , don’t worry if it takes time.

Rule 5:- Now it’s time to collaborate

Rule 5 # It’s time to collaborate

Now it’s your turn to collaborate with your detachment to break a habit and replace it with new one. Or , something you have really wanted to do.

21/90 days rule is applicable to everything .

Whether you wanted to own a new habit or wanted to break a habit. Rules are the same. However, the above rule will help to sail your boat throughout your journey. Be easy on yourself. And have break , do meditation, stay with nature, feel the nature, and just track yourself.


Most important part does it really takes 21 days to break a habit or it’s just myth. Then , you should first go back rules to accomplish the rule on track and trace it regularly. Any of the above rule is broken then you are putting yourself in a loop.


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