Apple had delivered the blockbuster earning report in the last quarter of the report as on Thursday. the stock is the value at $400 per share. the company had an estimation of $52.2 Billion revenue for the quarter end, However, it flew up by approximately 11% for the quarter-end year ago hitting at $59.7 Billion.

The company has also announced the stock split this year for 4 for 1 share each. Apple Inc. won the COVID-19 crisis to report record results and the company said stock split makes it “more accessible to a broader base of investors.”

At the end of June Quarter Apple secure double digit growth. The iPad and Mac segments got a hike from work-from-home due Covid times, and company said it faced product shortages as it tried to meet demand. Cook stated that it “certainly looks like” the company is set to have a “strong back-to-school season.”


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