Calling life, The moment I started realising
Life is too easy, just the way it is
I truly believed
hardwork is always paid off

But at the same time someone said,

“But why working so hard, Why?
Is there any sense of enjoyment.”

Once life gives you the lessons
You learn, to not question hardwork.

I’ll definitely think someday, but till then,
I would stop enjoying and just work hard.

“You know what?” said life,
“money gives you the ultimate lesson”

Ohh seriously ! If it does—
why are people happy spending it?
Why don’t they just keep it close
Like below their pillow, above their head
Or maybe near their heart.

“Don’t you dare question me again” says life.
Admonishing almost like a school teacher.

Well I won’t, but…

“You live in broken reality li’l gal…
Don’t you? … Tell me, What do you do for a living”

I said I breathe

“What’s that shit? “, life said mocking

Woah! You blasting on me not justified .
But, dear life…I forgive you.
Because I’m surrounded by people
Who are forgiving, and loving
who care for me.
At least, I believe they do.

“That’s something you do for pleasing not living.
What do you do for a living??”

Well, I care for them same way🙏

That’s it??
this is how you live! hahaha😂😂😂 ( life wasn’t at all polite to me but just laughed at me like I was a clown)

Life said, need to earn money
Anyone without money, simply doesn’t exist.

I said, “what? No body told me that.”

“Dude! You’re beyond reform
Delusional since you were born
and still a blinded”. She said grinding her teeth.

I was scared, but didn’t give up and questioned again
why do you think so? I’m happy
I do things, but I can’t really call it work.
It just happens, like I breathe.

life glared almost shocked.
What did you just say?
‘you do things ,which you can’t call work’

Yeah, wasn’t I clear enough?
Repeating statement won’t help in distorting it BITCH. #FYI
I can’t say I’m earning for living.
Because it gives me little money.
But when you have time
Let’s sit and talk about SATISFACTION.

I don’t do anything for living, that’s true
But, I live for everything I do.


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