10 Proven Ayurvedic Benefits of Chirchita/Apamarg

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Chirchita also known as apamarg or latjeera is a prickly shrub that is found very easily— But is lesser known due to lack of recognition. The plant has pink-green flowers and seeds that look similar to the grain of rice.

The leaves, seeds, and roots of this plant have different medicinal properties; and therefore, they are being used in traditional medicine for years.


10 benefits of chirchita:

1. For oral and dental problems: Chirchita gives quick relief from dental ache caused by cavities. Take 3-4 leaves of this plant, rub them and soak cotton with that juice. Press this cotton swab on the cavity.
Chirchita was traditionally used for brushing teeth. It makes teeth strong, treats gums and other problems such as the bad breath.

2. For skin problems: The shrub helps alleviate skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, oiliness, or dryness. Make a paste of chirchita leaves apply it directly to the skin.

3. ‎For mouth ulcers: If you suffer from mouth ulcers, boil some leaves of the shurb  in water. Doing gargles with this water will help alleviate the condition.

4. ‎For eye problems: The roots of Chirchita are used for curing many eyes problem such as eye flue, reddening of eyes.

5. ‎For cuts and injury: The leaves of this plant are known for its healing property. Applying crushed leaves on wounds, Clumps together the blood cells and stops further blood loss. It also helps in quick healing.

6. ‎For itching: Adding Chirchita extracts to bathing water has been a proven remedy for all sorts of itching problems.

7. ‎For fever and respiratory problems: The leaves also exhibit antifungal properties and are active against respiratory tract viruses such as those causing flu. They help remove sputum, relieve cough, and prevent asthma. It is also used for treating cold and fever.

8. ‎In treating menstrual disorder: Chirchita juice is applied in case of irregularities in the menstrual cycle and it also relieves the post-pregnancy pain.

9. In relieving migranes and sinus: Chirchita ointment is used in treatment of sinus. Inhaling powered seeds of the plant gives relief from migrane. The collected Mucus melts and flows out.

10. ‎For insect bites: Crushed leaves of Chirchita are also very very beneficial in case of insect bite such as bees, wasps and scorpions. It works in cancelling out the poison and also heals the wound.

Safety Precaution: Its use may cause adverse effects if taken orally by people with liver disease, blood clotting, and immune system disorders, or food allergies. It is advised to consult a practitioner of traditional medicine before using it.

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