Curry Leaves : 10 Best way to Use it with remarkable benefits

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Murraya koenigii, is a tree which produces an aromatic leaf often used in Indian cuisines. The European plant is sometimes referred to as curry plant(kaddi patta) since its used in curry to enhance the dish , and they are also sometimes called sweet neem leaves.

Aside from being a versatile culinary herb, they offer an abundance of health benefits due to the powerful plant compounds they contain.The leaves of Murraya koenigii are also used as a herb in Ayurvedic, unani and Siddha medicines in which they are believed to possess anti-disease properties, but there is no high-quality clinical evidence for such effects. Listed below are some benefits of curry leaves:

Benefits and uses of Curry leaves
  1. For diabetes: The extract from the curry leaves have an active constituent which is anti-diabetic in nature and hence are widely used for the treatment of diabetes.
  2. ‎Treating infections: The paste from the dried grounded leaves also have anti-helminthic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which are potent against various infections and skin disorders.
  3. Dental and oral health: ‎The thin twigs or branches were used as a datun (i.e. natural brush) for cleaning the teeth, strengthening the teeth and gums and protecting them from harmful bacteria and air borne microbes.
    ‎These days in modern ayurvedic treatments the powder of the leaves or the raw leaves are being used as tooth powder for preserving good oral health.
  4. Detox drink: The leaves when eaten raw or consumed as juice, serves as a detox drink to cleanse body from within, burn fat, reduce bad cholesterol and enhance digestion. 
  5. Prevents Anemia: The deficiency of iron in the body causes anemia. Curry leaves having a high concentration of iron is extremely effective in increasing the hemoglobin and red blood cell count of the blood. It acts as a natural blood purifier, improves symptoms of tiredness and fatigue and reduce the chances of getting infections.
  6. Good for Vision: Curry leaves being abundant in Vitamin A and β-carotene play a vital role in improving eyesight and treating eye-related problems. It prevents the cornea from drying up and cloud formation in front of the eyes, thus reducing the chances of Xeropthalmia and night blindness.
  7. Boon for Weight Loss: Curry leaves are considered a boon by people under a weight loss management program. The presence of carbazole alkaloids in the leaves prevents weight gain and reduces the LDL cholesterol (i.e. bad cholesterol) in the blood. It washes out the harmful toxins from the body and burns excess fat.
  8. Helps in Digestion: The high content of fiber in the leaves has proven to be beneficial in treating several gastrointestinal troubles. The carminative, digestive, antiemetic and anti-dysenteric properties of curry leave not only aids in digestion but also prevent constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, piles, nausea, bloating etc. Being a natural stimulant, it enhances the appetite.
  9. Prevents Cancer: Recent researches suggest that the presence of phenols and carbazole alkaloids are extremely effective in treating and preventing prostate and colorectal cancers.
  10. Prevents hair loss: Curry leaves can be directly used with hot oil or can also be boiled with water. Take 20-30 leaves boil it water and use the water to wash your hair. It is an effective home remedy for hairloss.

Preparing curry leaves juice at home.

curry leaves juice


30-40 freshly plucked curry leaves

10-15 dried mint leaves(optional)

3 cups of water

3 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp cinnamon powder

2 tbsp honey


Boil the water in a heavy bottomed container.

Add the curry leaves, mint leaves and cinnamon powder to it and boil for a few minutes.

Put off the flame and strain the entire concoction to remove any impurities and hard particles.

Add a dash of lime juice and honey to it.

Pour the juice in a glass and sip while it’s still warm.

Nutritious Benefit of Curry Leaf juice

This potent juice known for its weight loss properties consists of several natural healthy ingredients:

Curry Leaves:

Packed with essential vitamins, carbohydrates, fibre and volatile oils, curry leaves play a vital role in controlling diabetes, treating heart problems, preventing infections and also providing beautiful hair and skin.

Mint Leaves:

The presence of menthol in the mint leaves soothes skin, acts as a natural coolant, aids the stomach indigestion. It is effective against infections like cough and cold, reduces stress, prevents nausea and has proven beneficial for skin and hair.


Lemon being a rich source of Vitamin C is a potent ingredient for weight loss. It aids in digestion, prevents bad breath, promotes hydration in your body, relieves from kidney stones and is extremely beneficial for achieving a blemish-free healthy skin.


The addition of cinnamon to the curry leaf juice enhances the metabolic rate of the body which increases the weight loss process. It is effective in controlling the blood sugar levels in the body, improves digestion and other digestive issues. Traditionally, it has also gained significance in treating bronchial problems.


Honey is well known for its anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. It facilitates healing, relieves pain, fights infections, reduces diarrhea and also provides relief from cough and cold. It is found effective in reducing obesity.

Enjoy your drink with the freshness of mint and goodness of nature


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