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Why always a sacrifice needed to fill the gap

It is too late but Fans are trying cover all the communication gap between Entertainer and his Fan Club

Recently the upcoming movie “DIL BECHARA” official trailer was launched which is going to release in 24 july 2020 in Hotstar Plus Disney App and it make the historic effect upon the Movie industries. It breaks the multiple records becoming the most liked Trailer video within 4 hours. It leaves behind all the renowned actors of the bollywood Now, the Dil Bechara title track is going on and on to breaking all the records of the music industry.

Dil Bechara title track has been released and break all the records , all we know the actor is no more and crowd gets the acknowledgement of the highly talented actor and entertainer . Although , it doesn’t make any difference now. but acknowledging actual talent will going to lead the better future of the Entertainment industry also adding opportunities and hope for young talents . It is literally disheartening to know , whatever happened .

As the response on the talent and acting skills, it is going to create the new age Indian Cinema based upon quality and content. The music which is actually belong to music not to noise ,which you can able to feel not just to burn your ears.

Title Track song Dil Bechara Composed, Produced, Arranged and sung by A R Rahman ,Choreographer by Farah Khan and Choreographer by Farah Khan


Dil Bechara, Friendzone Ka Maara

Dil Bechara, Friendzone Ka Maara

Friendzone Ka Maara

Koi Toh Bata De Kya Karoon Koi Bata De Kya Karoon

Dil Bechara, Friendzone Ka Maara

L Mein Joda O V E Maine Toh Love Love Love Hi Kiya

Usne Joda I K E Mere Ko Like Like Like Hi Kiya

Dil Bechara, Friendzone Ka Maara

O Baby, Yaad Hain Mujhe Tera Birthday Day Day Tera Birthday Day Day Day Day

Tu Har Saal Mera Birthday Bhool Bhool Bhool Jaaye

Roz Tere Call Ki Main Raah Dekhu Tu SMS Bhi Na Kare

Tu Mujhe Miss Bhi Na KAre Kyun Mujhe Miss Bhi Na KAre Kyun…

Dil Bechara, Friendzone Ka Maara Dil Bechara, Friendzone Ka Maara



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