Dr. Kadambini Ganguly | First woman Physician in India (Part II)

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Welcome back in our stepping stone column series #2. Dr. Kadambini Ganguly | First woman Physician in India alongside Anandibai Gopal Joshee. It was really very hard for us to get a glance of both the ladies in one post. so, here we are with the exclusive post of Kadambini Ganguly one of the first woman physicians in India. and one more interesting part is she the only woman of that Indian College who is having a degree in western medicine.

She was born in 18th july 1861 at Bhagalpur, Bihar. However, her family was from Chandesi, which is now at Bangladesh. She was the first female graduate alongside with Chandramukhi Basu from Bethune College In Fine Arts as well first two ladies who are graduated in India in 1883. She decided to get degree in western medicine, where she had faced misogynist examiner. Her examiner failed her just by 1 marks only because she was the woman. However, university of Calcutta took up stand for her side and give her special degree to practice medicine.

She had faced tough hostility, people are not ready to accept a working woman at that time. The level of insecurity was too high for a misogynist society. At that time Magazine Bangabasi was popular one of the hindu periodicals, which did not leave any reason to defame Kadambini. the periodical question validity of her degree in medicine. which she had again take as a challenge and get higher diplomas from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin Universities. Sometimes , we stop our feets to help ourselves due to society or public or vo 4 log. But self-side even in odds are reason to stand straight even when everyone falls. As she had done.

She was a physician as well as a philanthropic and patriot. she had a huge role in women’s emancipation, especially for those women who worked in coal mines and tea gardens. she had been part of many movements that were related to women’s emancipation. and again male-centric society unable to handle that and bangbasi magazine called her “Whore” for supporting women. She had filed a case against editor Mahesh Pal, who had been sentenced for 6 months.

This is something really unbearable even after 73 year of independence ,a misogynist attitude land someone 4 feets under the ground and no wonder that person had IQ under his balls.

This lady had lived the life fullest along with her personal life having 8 children and a widower husband who was 17 year elder to her and her side for education. American historian David Kapf had written,

“Kadambini was appropriately enough the most accomplished and liberated Brahmo woman of her time. From all accounts, their relationship was most unusual in being founded on mutual love, sensitivity, and intelligence… Mrs. Ganguli’s case was hardly typical even among the more emancipated Brahmo and Christian women in contemporary Bengali society. Her ability to rise above circumstances and to realize her potential as a human being made her a prize attraction to Sadharan Brahmos dedicated ideologically to the liberation of Bengal’s women.”

It is just a small glance of her life, which inspires me entirely. At the same time, there is a question?

If she can help herself at that time even after her marriage, then why it is hard for us?

What makes her so focussed and determined?

What gives her courage to fight against all odd?

Are we more privileged than her? If yes, then what is the thing that stops us always.

still educated and wealthy misogynist are there? who gave them such a brain?


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