3 steps to FAILURE OR SUCCESS :An Opportunity to – Re-think ?

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FAILURE OR SUCCESS :An Opportunity to – Re-think ?

  • who are you?
  • what you wanted to do?
  • and what are you actually doing?

Every individual has his own journey. Depending upon the path one took, will reach a destination. Now, think of these destinations in terms of success and failure. There are infinte paths and destinations, but you are expected to reach one destination following a pre-defined path. Reaching on any other destination is failure, which infact has a much higher probability. However, people wish to count the little success on fingers rather than the enormous failure.

Failure is not defined by an A4 size sheet, sometimes the paper size is even smaller. But the audacity of that paper is far bigger than you, your art and your existence. Suppose, there is a public speaking event, Shouldn’t the audience be the sole judge of participant’s speaking skills ? However, Judgements don’t work this way. Deciding authority rests with a few people who might just think contrary to the crowd. But they get to sign a paper that decides the best speaker.

Education System was set up to enhance your knowledge & experience but who gets to write marks on your exam paper?Some random stranger, having no knowledge of your art and skill, all they have are some words scrabbled by you on a paper. It can’t define who you’re or want to become. It defines what they think you can become. And this gap in the education system between— what you want to become and what they think you can become, leaves you confused and directionless.

Determining what makes you happy and for how long will it keep you is the biggest question.

Sometimes, we get confused that ability to do something is the ultimate factor in defining your success. You know what, being able to do something does not necessarily means you love doing it. There is always a very thin line between things we can do and what really makes us happy. This thought can leave you perplexed even after being successful.

Before choosing your ultimate passion, do re-think , whether or not this makes me happy. If not, then what is that one thing where I would like to invest my time and energy? Something that indulges me so smoothly that I forget to eat my lunch, Something that makes me forget to look at the clock.

Let me tell you, most successful people have one thing in common. They have invested their entire life in just one thing, which makes them happy. You have to write your story by yourself, otherwise someone else will make you part of their story.

To become a successful, you need to give your undivided attention to one thing. Dividing your attention and trying hard to push your limits in all directions will make you feel tired. You will start questioning, if you want it for your happiness or you’re doing it because you’re happy. The answer may be you are at a wrong road or you might even be at right spot.

You might reach your limit and if you feel the same, this thing is questionable?After you do something effortlessly and invest your undivided attention on something. If you’ve devoted yourself fully, given in all you have and still don’t  feel exhausted. Then, there are chances that you’re loving the process of becoming you.

Welcome to the new world, where you celebrate presence and appreciate your existence.

Welcome to life!!!


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