Google :100% Free Courses for online certificates.

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Google: 100,000 Courses for online certificates, 100% Free. These are available in online education platforms like Coursera , learn digital with Google . For the learning purpose, one can enroll himself/herself for 100% free. However, certain terms and condition will apply on these regards. Recently, online certificates courses in data analytics, project management and User experience design are available.

Recently, Google CEO Sundar Pichai also announced around $10 billion investment in India in coming 5 to 6 years. Which will have massive increases in the technical growth of under make in India Campaign.

These course are designed by Google, in which mainly Google’s employees are participating as tutor. These courses are designed to increase awareness of Google products and services. the duration of these courses are three months to six months. Google informed that all these courses from the given platforms will be considered certified as well as equivalent to of four year college degree. Google will accept the certification for related roles at the company.

Vice president of Google Lisa Gevelber said, “This is not revenue-generating for Google.” she further added, “There’s a small cost from the Coursera platform itself — the current pricing is $49 a month — but we want to ensure that anyone who wants to have this opportunity, can have it.”

VP says Google chooses these fields especially because they can lead to “high-growth, high-paying careers.”

Coronavirus pandemic has impacted many lives in general. It has fiercely impact the global economy and become a reason of loss, business, jobs and also human resources. This course vitally increases the probability of re-furnishing the existing conditions. and make huge impact on around the globe.

For the global market , India is rich which the power of human resources for tech giant. India is always being a huge opportunity for marketing and global economic health. These courses are designed for the economic structure and requirement of U.S.A.

So , if anyone interested to work with Google. Here, it is the scope even without being graduate, no age bar. No even required to have any previous knowledge for the subjects.




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