Gotranscript Audio test answers 04 May 2021

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Speaker 1:

This is the audio we use for our transcriber test at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2:

Dogs. Don’t you just like them sometimes, except when they’re barking nonstop, like the one in our new neighbor’s backyard. Don’t get me wrong. I like dogs. However, we currently have three cats living in our orbit, and they love to set the dogs barking, then sit back and purr at the havoc thing created. Most dogs from early youth on,in fact, oftentimes at the very period of birth, are exposed to many dangerous and troublesome affection, affliction, the result of causes, not less complex and multifarious than those that exert an influence over the human organization. Many diseases are the consequences of their domesticity, and their hereditary defects of their progenitors. Others are dependent upon accidental circumstances, bad treatment and improper nurishment.

Not a few, however, of their most-most mortal maladies are the product of contagion, infection and other similar causes.  All excercising a general tendency to disease called to defy and impossible to avoid. Although there are currently only 195 breeds of dog recongnised by American Kennel club, defender rossion center logic internazionali, or FCI argues for at least 340 breeds worldwide. Frankly, I’m sitting in my backyard sipping a cup of Trump brand coffee, and trying to enjoy some peace and tranquility . I’d be willing to up that number to at least 1500 just based on the amount of barking in yelp and I hear throughout the vicinity to be charitable dogs are suepr sensitive to high piitched noises that you and I can’t hear.

Given that we’re just a few blocks from both the police and fire-station, you can imagine how many opportunities those poor pooches have during the day to exercise their auditory facilities. Dogs may even develop to night us, which is pretty sad when you think about how tough that is for human beings as well. They may also develop an excessive fear or phobia towards virtually any noise, but most commonly, they are terrified of fireworks gunshots, crow scares, thunderstorm or traffic noise. If left untreated, these poor affected animals offer become hypersensitive and generalize their fear towards lesser sounds. Because of that, they may be dogs. Because of that there may be dogs that are more or less sensitive to start , let me start that sentence over again. Because of that, there may be dogs that are more or less subject to certain dieseases aggrevated by stress. It’s tough to be a dog, though. It’s also tough to be a human being and listening to a terrified dog. Yep and then here.

Speaker 1:

This is the audio we use for our transcriber test at GoTranscript.

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