No Purpose of Life | What’s Next Now?

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This is just a absurd writing, what is the meaning of,” I have no purpose of life.” This might give you anything out of it. But who’s going to give you guarantee here.

We never used to observe our own journey. We just get ourselves ready to influence by our environment. But , what if there is something which can observe our things. Some people say I have my neighbor auntie. But why no one said Neighbor uncle, might they never get interrupted by them while crossing the streets . OH Please gets serious! This is important. So, i am continuing here.  Something, which can find my identity that, can relate to me. Own way living tires us, but question is why?

“It takes blood and sweat to be successful” , who is that person . Call that person , let me shot him first.

that line makes life more miserable than it is actually . I mean, why? People are not ready to unveil the reality.

I mean! For the purpose of ruling, (Talking about Ruler/ Emperor). The Ruling community intentionally misdirects people. Cause if, they get the direction, it will easy to live life na. How they will come to them and give them schemes. But the thing is, why it is important to misdirect. Obviously, because they want huge mass to be stupid and confuse “Chomu”. Now you want me to answer ” Chomu”, what is this? This is simply Stupid/Idiot/Fool. So, onward I will carry word ” Chomu ” for this.

Now the reason is why “Chomu” important. It is very important for monopoly, growth, finance, economy and everything. Anything which is getting high growth, it all because you are Chomu or you know how to make other chomu

How to save us to become a chomu, it is very tough to share. Cause, no wonder without experience none have anything to tell. So, even i don’t have.

It is something literally like a to do list. First thing you have to do every day.

Whenever you are alone and have yourself in front of the mirror.

See yourself; look at yourself like you have never see yourself before. Do you feel like a celebrity because of what you are doing?

if yes, it is a very good signal. if you don’t then life is tough . Sorry, but there is something need to fix here.

Find out in your daily routine, which makes you high without even having a drink.

You might have late night daily, but what’s the one thing. Now, you will say, I have to go college? School? Job? Etc.  Leave this behind What if you don’t need to do that Pandemic effect is everywhere so don’t make any excuse.

One that’s wake you up and realize you’re late get ready fast. I wanted to do …………………………………… It’s your blank. I’m trying to feel my blank.

And it is better to have No Purpose Till You will find to do what You Love. Not necessary to Love what You Doing

Just for initiation. We have share absurd writing ……. please make us realize if you’re liking it.

Thanks for your Time.



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