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To track my progess daily , I started sharing everything I do or add in my learning in my blog post. Thanks to my mentor Dr. Angela

After getting the logic I stated using my brain to write the code ,and guess what I was successful in my go.

Here is the code I have write ,

# 🚨 Don't change the code below πŸ‘‡
year = int(input("Which year do you want to check? "))
# 🚨 Don't change the code above πŸ‘†

#Write your code below this line πŸ‘‡
if year%4!=0:
print(" It is not a Leap year")
elif year%100!=0:
print(" It's a Leap year")
elif year%400==0:
print(" This is a Leap Year.")
print("This is not a Leap year")

Try coding. It’s love 🀩


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