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As we all know pandemic changes our lives completely. Many new career dimensions has come into the market and guess what now, picture is completely changed itself. Your data connection and data speed  allows you to take the class or say “GYAN”. And many job and skill based classes are also there in your phone. Pandemic want us to change oneself completely and ask everyone to spend your most of the with yourself or the person who is actually close to you and care them , love them.

Know yourself is prime motto if one losses this will loose self. Cause, this pandemic gives us lots of me time. Building and nurturing self skills is very important. You can be a writer or a musician or a student your platform is in your hand. You self confidence is the only need to help yourself and stand for your own skill.

There are so many free courses out there in internet which helps you to nurture your skill and any thing you want to be is there in your phone. You need

And further, one who can totally give there eye on upon what you’re doing in your classroom is not your teacher but your parents. And guess what parents also doing free task for tution classes even

Market doesn’t ready to appreciate the old school bollywood drama neither the old school 3 hours exam based result and also grading and ranking upon it. Still, some of us in the other side of this whole drama. And they say without exam there is no evaluation of a student cause  because our lives got a new version  based upon our skills.

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