“MURDER OR SUICIDE” ! New Era is Getting Ready.

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It is still a MURDER OR SUICIDE Mystery. Ex- Raw Agent N.K. Sood has posted on 05 July 2020 a Video on youtube channel “ISRG– Indian Security Research Group.” in which he claims , there is some short connection between Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and Dawood Ibrahim. He said that this case is still having veil on it. Nobody knows whether it will ever unveil or not.


It is definitely something fishy in this case. Sushant had changed around 50 sim cards within a month before he died . Although, There has not been made any statement by Mumbai Police. The case is already being investigated into and evidences are yet to be collected.

People seek further intervention of the Maharashtra Government . However, as such no official statement is there.

Suicide or Murder question is still there. Netizens are divided after the disheartening incident . It seems like a movement has started for new era Bollywood, Star kids are being judged by their acting skills at least for now. Only time will tell how far this movement #AgainstNepotism goes. But, people have really started caring about the acting skills and scripts.

This might become a bad signal to existing players especially for those who don’t care about the content and quality of movie . And are running this family business since years.

Artist (Especially Outsider) are still struggling for good roles, talent doesn’t matter. These artists have no godfather in the Industry , what they have is only skill.

Recently , The trailer and title track of Sushant’s movie Dil Bechara was launched and has garnered immense love.

Does this achievement makes sense? Has the Indian audience become smart and sensible?

May be, it’s just a coincidence .

Please feel free to leave your opinion in the comment box. Your participation leads to change.


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