New Education Policy 2020: Digital Education or More?

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After 34 years: new education policy has been announced in India. Surely, it takes a lot of time to make this happen when already some are middle of nowhere or somewhere, where they don’t want to be. Somehow people are going to accept the fact there is nothing going to change then suddenly Jio comes into the picture and India becomes the nation that consumes the highest percentage of the Internet data. Still, remember 2014 days, when the internet is 1 GB per month. then, no hopes are there. Still, accepting nothing going to change. Then drastic change surprise the world and India becomes the first in the position for highest data consumption 9.8 GB per month smartphone. And India becomes the second-largest Digital market, full of opportunities in the world.

And Now, New Education policy has been ready to implement from the upcoming session. which looks like a dream project, for Brand new India, a tough project to implement. Those who have gone through the current education system anytime in the past 34 years, they better relate to this. An education system that brings lots of hope with it, however, the probability of becoming a reality is still doubtful. An evaluation of the education system is given below.

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Let’s have a glimpse of NEP 2020 Analysis And share the probability of this dream project as a part of New India or just a mess to Indian citizens.

This is the policy of the future, it’s implementation mould the future in either way.

  • Giant techies see the richness of the customer base of India, recently Facebook made an investment of $5.7 Billion into Reliance Jio India, and Google has also announced to invest $10 Billion in India next fifth to seven years.
  • These are the world’s tech giants introduce huge funding for digitalization of the country with tieing up with Reliance Jio and

Key Features of the Policy

  • As part of PM eVidya announced under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat programme, DIKSHA ( Digital infrastructure for knowledge sharing) is the ‘one nation; one digital platform’ for school education in India however, several other channels will also introduce due to scarcity of resources for the ease of students such as telecasting, radio casting, E-book, Tablets at nominal fees.
  • Priority for providing complete access to any time, anywhere e-content and e-infrastructure is for all learners in schools; however, e-content is being developed as follows:
    • Grades 9 to 12 with 6.3 crore children: Top priority
    • Grades 6 to 8 with 6.4 crore children: Next priority
    • Grades 1 to 5 with 12.0 crore children: Priority with focus on foundational literacy and numeracy.
  • A new system 5 +3+3+4 will be added to the system, equal weightage to the other stream such as science, social science, art, language, sports, and vocational activities. now onwards, Hobbies should also be part of the curriculum.
  • A proper linkage should be made between students of schools and the college curriculum.
Ref: India Report – Digital Education June 2020
New Education Policy 2020
New Education Policy 2020
  • However, challenges are still there, currently when we can see the huge diversification in the education industry and its commercialization make it worse than ever and which makes it totally a business set up than a noble cause. Does this Atama Nirbhar policy can lead the change into the high-cost education world or lead to add one more layer into it due to consolidation of existing school into 1 unit for providing multi-stream courses and vocational studies.
  • As per NEP 2020, It seems as education will be at the cost of the internet or so-called cost-free. But readers, there is no such thing as free lunch, probability of raise on internet recharges, cost again an arm and leg. and what about existing value per child to school and its infrastructure whose pocket going to bear that cost.
  • And again School is available on the phone, radio, television and also through other means and also in the school building. This ease of doing might increase the height of confusion among all and also what about those millions of Teachers who are already in the Education system. Whether they get training in front of robot-based one-time cost investment or again something alarming is there to happen.
  • It is really a dream come true policy for all Children because it will snatch the idea of scolding children from their mothers’ at home and spending time in front of Mobile, TV, tablets. because it is part of the curriculum. This policy either make someone Bill Gates (only if he drops out the school early ) or middle of nowhere.
  • Again, what about other people and other jobs who have completed their studies with previous NO HOPE Education system ( especially in front of this Dreamland Education Policy) and whether NEP 2020 is really planned to accomplish the current Indian scenario or just to filled the basket which already overloaded.


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