Pandemic: Change your question , train your brain. Why?

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In this time due to pandemic , there is tough life. It has huge impact in life of an individual as well as business, no one get a escape from it. Now, when every one is facing the same situation then question come to mind . what is the solution to this trouble.

People loose their jobs, some losses their family due to pandemic . Some just struggling with situation facing the virus. At this very moment , people need to work upon their physical as well as mental health.

And to empower the mental health , one need to take a step forward . And , instead of thinking what will we going to do now ? Instead question need to be changed , what we have right now.

What we have as resources, your resources can be anything you have and you can do like you are passionate about something you wanted to do. Then, They need to question themselves , how will we collaborate what we have and deal with it even if we have such a big trouble like covid pandemic? Questioning how ?it will lead your brain with the constant thoughts . So, under your subconscious mind there is some sort of problem solving activities are going on . Which lead you to design the solution of the problem.

Every question answering session gives the intrective steps to your brain, if answer is find satisfactorily , constant forward questioning goes on and on. And if not satisfied , still brain is pushing you to find solution , how to change the current senerio.

There is no differention in the functioning of a brain as a machine in a human body either it is in ordinary human body or in billionaire’s body . The game is all about how you use your brain . And how you want to engage your brain. Human brain is ready to accept the challenges , the approach you chooses to engage it with something is at your discretion .

One can engage their brain to multitasking , and the other one engage his/her brain in a single task under one challenging task. Your brain is just handled by the dopamine (hormone) , and it can be hacked by an ordinary person that is you , yourself.

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