PM Modi : Students Not to Lose Hopes For CBSE Results X and XII

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PM Modi : Students Not to Lose Hopes For CBSE Results X and XII.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tweeted on CBSE 2020 Results for class X and XII. for those student who didn’t get favorable results.

On his tweet PM said , one exam is not sufficient to judge you for entire life. Everyone is talented, live the life fullest.


PM concerns about the youth and giving them a direction to Young people is really appreciable. Ofcourse, this is also true , no one give there exam for not getting pass. And standard of society and peer makes you feel the same. However , self observation is must thing you need to do the ultimate success. PM Modi have very good selection of words and his concern for students is very much likeable. he initiate “Make in India” campaign , how will it be possible?, if you are not doing something  , ” What you really want to do,”

“Don’t let yourself to be a part of Crowd, When you can lead the Crowd”, Admin.


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