Rahul Gandhi Says , UGC It is Extremely unfair for the Students

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New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi , Congress Leader urge UGC to cancel the exams and seeks to promote the students as per their past performance. he said ,” It is extremely unfair to conduct exams during the Covid19 pandemic. UGC must hear the voice of the students and academics. Exams should be cancelled and students promoted on basis of past performance.”

Ref: @RahulGandhi Twitter

he added many schools, colleges, universities already cancelled their , considering Pandemic. he urge UGC for cancellation of varsity exams. #SpeakupforStudents.

this is very crucial time , every single person around the world get affected by Covid -19 pandemic. In this situation, every system unbiasedly get affected.also, Education system undoubtedly impacted by it very hard. Education system and authorities are trying to innovate current system so they can better deal with it. It is not seems like to have any good news in this scenario, However best way to deal with it will be safety and precautions. There is not yet any estimation in this COVID-19 times.

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let see , what we be next.

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