Reality is worse than Imagination

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Reality of life might be, get a sence , when life started talking back to you. And then , how you reply to it, it creates a difference.

The moment I started imagining
Life is too easy just the way it is
I truly believe that something called hardwork, it is always paid of

But at the same time, someone said, “hardwork is key to success.”

But why so hard work,Why?
There is no sense of enjoying work

Once life give you the lesson
You will find out, don’t question hardwork

I’ll definitely ask till the date
I stop enjoying but just do hardwork and get paid off

You know what, life said , money will give you the ultimate lesson

Ohh seriously ! If it does than why people just happy on spending it all the time. Not to just putting it with themselves

Ohh don’t you dare to question me again says life to me

Well I don’t , you live in imagination … Don’t you … What do you do for a living

I said, I breath

What is this shit , life sounds so irritating

I said , It is nothing like that big, to blast on me. But it is something. I surrounded by those people who do care for me. I believe.

What else you do for living

I said , I care them in same way🙏

That’s it this is how you live ,hahaha😂😂😂 (now life is not at all polite on me but just laugh at me like , I am joker)

Life said, you need to earn money otherwise you will loose your existence

I said, why ? No body told me that.

Dude you have been fooled since you are born and still a blockhead. Life sound so cranky now

I said, why do you think so? But I’m happy and still happy … I do some sort of things I can’t nearly said it I work. It is just happen, like I breath.

Now, life shocked and staring at me
What did you just say, you do some sort of things , which you can’t say , you worked.

I said, yeah, I just said same thing
It gives me some money not much. So I can’t say I’m earning for living.

I’m just living with whatever I’m earning.

This is something , never heard of life said

I’m like , sorry, if you can’t count on it.


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