“Sex Education” is still missing in NEP 2020

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Even after 30years of the same education policy, now India has prepared itself to seek some improvement in the education system. However, it is again missing one of the most important parts of the education system i.e. SEX Education.  Still, India doesn’t think its need, as there is no comment on that note on NEP 2020.

Is Sex Education is really A need?

As we all know sex education is always a mandatory side for building a good society. We can see there is no comment, on the education part; it is becoming more complicated to understand, how we can protect our children, youth, or any person from sexual abuse. Because sexual abuse is not restricted to any gender or age group, it is spread in all range, races, and castes.

It is not hard to believe that every day hundreds of kids are getting sexually abused. The count might get an increase for sure but never be less than this. And they don’t have any idea how to get rid of it. Sometimes, they feel something is happening wrong with them or the activity happening with them; sometimes they don’t get this at all. And people don’t have an idea about how to educate their kids especially parents. You know why? Because, even they don’t have an idea, cause no one educates them too when they were kids. And as a society, how do they react upon this situation?

People had faced Worse Due to No Sex Education

I remember when I was in school; I had heard from many girls who have been abused by their own relatives, cousins, and close friends of their parents. Sometimes, young boys also get abuse sexually but they are less in count as count girls. This is literally tough to see the world from their eye because no wonder they have seen something drastic in their lives at a very early age. Sometimes, they take a very good time to coup up with that, sometimes they don’t coup up with that, even after getting matured and faced worst thing then that, that was still a harsh past they had.

Small Talk on Sex Education

I had a small talk with an old lady who was in the late 50s. She had shared me something, which blew away my mind. That is not new to me as sexual abuse had been done to someone, as per data, it is faced by at least 1/3 of the population. But, what remains with the victims are bad memories. And these memories are ready to hit the same person at any time. She said, “her uncle had abused her when she was just 4 Y/o, and then she didn’t even remember that. And later, when she has grown up that same man encounters her and reminds her of what he had done to her.” This is ridiculous, obviously. Still, we live in this .

A famous stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal shared in her set in 2018, when she was a school kid and first time encounter sexual abuse. She said, “I was 10 years old, I was walking towards bus stop no. 33 and behind no. 33 bus stop there was a gentleman with his trousers open and changing the gears on his manual transmission chic chic chic chic chic chic. I was a 10 y/o then I wasn’t a pervert. But but if there is rhythmic motion in the vicinity, your eyes tend to get attracted and you’re like ooooooo … And I’m just looking at this OMG did his large intestine just fall out, this is insane. But even in the 10 y/o I knew knew Aditi this is not good, you should not be looking at this then I just tried to tear my eyes away but the problem was, they went straight to his face and I was saw, he was making direct eye contact with me.”

These are very less people who shared about their experiences in sexual abuse, and we all know that rape cases in India are not decreases yet because the law and system provide a safe zone to the culprit. And educating that culprit when he/ she was young, is still find unnecessary. It is time to speak loud about it. Otherwise, it will might 30+ years to get into the education system.

Sex Education or Sexual Abuse?

As a society, it is our need to understand that sexual education is way better than sexual abuse. This is literally hard to believe that our society and people not ready to even use this word in their conversation. Especially in India people use the help humor sense to talk about this without using the word “sex” in their conversation is still bizarre however sexual abuse, rape is not a good concern to bring their mind into and trying to figure how we can find a solution in this regards.


Still, we live in the sate society by adding more and more excuses. However, educating a person for this is still a big hype for our system. Silence in this regard will not lead to stopping rape, sexual abuse, and give gender equality. People should need to get the relevance of it, and request government for “Sex Education”. Cause, if someone really wants to change the world, first we need to educate people on how to change the world.

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