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This is just an abstract whether it is important to have an purpose of life. what if someone don’t get the idea behind that or don’t have any answer to it. we are just in the situation where are not just confused but having lots of information how to get more confuse. and the agenda of the having a purpose is “DO OR DIE”. why ? It is never to be said , “Just love Process & Enjoy”. Your achievements will become always your past , what remains with you is all you by yourself.

what if we get the purpose, is it going to fulfill our life?

if your answer is “YES” , than how long the sense of fulfillment will going to stay with you.

So, here we are sharing the benefits of NOT having any purpose of life. but one thing is very important here or say it has it’s own T & C. To explore yourself , you should start earning ( doesn’t matter what type of something you’re doing). Or you have to try, to get the the idea how to monetize what You Do.

@Sadguru said,” Important is to have Life”.

Don’t Restrict yourself by defining your limit, when you are an endless soul.


One life one goal , this is not the right way to think. Don’t not make your own boundary. @Sushant Singh Rajput once Shared his experience . he said,”Find out the best interest , which don’t count how much you have spent on it”.

And if it take time , give yourself time don’t be in hurry.


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