Why you should learn python this year ASAP

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Python is a must-learn programming language preferred by developers worldwide to create powerful applications and websites. Most developers acknowledge that Python is the most adaptable language with a wide range of possible applications. As long as you exercise the right tools and libraries, Python can be used to build just about anything. If you are trying to get into the data science or data analytics field, Python is the one language that you need to master, since Python has come out as the default programming language for AI, ML, and data science.

As the necessity for data scientists, analysts, and developers endure to grow, this is the best time to get Python certified.

Characteristics of Python

1. Object-oriented programming language
It is a powerful programming language that assists a range of scripting approaches such as functional, procedural, and object-oriented. Especially, Python allows developers to devise classes and clearly define object types.

2. Dynamically-typed
A language is dynamically-typed when the variable involved is checked during the runtime against a statically-typed language. This is the reason why the developers using Python don’t need to reveal the variable type in advance. In an interpreted language, the code is delivered one line at a time which aids in code debugging.

3. Open-source modules
Python has vast open-source modules that help developers in performing numerous tasks when developing applications. This saves a lot of time as developers don’t have to write fresh code for every job. Also, it further enhances productivity as developers get to focus only on those areas where new coding is necessary.

4. Great Community Support
Strong community support plays an essential role when you are selecting any tool for app development. A small community would mean no or insufficient support which can lead to a time consuming and more efforts that requires to app development. Tools that are backed by a strong community can offer support during critical times. Also, if you search online, you can find ample resources that can guide you to resolve various issues.


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